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How to declutter your kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of every home. It’s not just a space for eating – it’s a place for parties, socialising, and all the everyday activities life throws at you – like washing the dog and doing homework with the kids. At Mayfair Kitchen Studio, we have helped many customers in the Cheshire and Wirral areas to create their dream kitchen with their lifestyles and living requirements in mind. A well-designed kitchen is one thing, but how do you keep your kitchen free from clutter? Whether you’re considering a clear-out before a kitchen re-design or want to make more space in the one you currently have, here’s how to keep your kitchen mess and clutter-free so that it remains a calm and inviting space in your home.

Be realistic with time and space

Decluttering a kitchen takes time and is likely to take more than just a day or afternoon. Don’t set yourself an overly ambitious target and try to clear everything in one go. Devote half an hour a day to sorting through items – this will keep your motivation levels high. If you try to do everything in one go, you’re more likely to tire and become bored with the task, which will greatly affect your ability to properly organise items. Before you start organising, make sure you are properly prepared, with labelled boxes and bags. Have a bag for items to donate to other people and organisations, one for recycling and one for general waste disposal.

Don’t begin your clear-out by randomly searching through cupboards and drawers. Work from one side of the kitchen to the other, going through each drawer, cabinet and item in turn. Ask yourself if that item belongs in the kitchen, or whether it could be thrown out, stored elsewhere, or donated. Do not start on the next section until you have finished the last one you were working on.

Ask yourself questions as you declutter

As you sort through your kitchen, ask yourself a series of questions, including:

Have I recently used this?

Bear in mind that we all have appliances that we’d like to use more often, but if you’re harbouring appliances you have never used, or that you have perhaps only used once, these are taking up valuable space. Donate them to someone who will have the time to use them more often, and free up some room in the here and now.

Do I have more than one of those?

It is very common for us to collect ‘extras’ of particular items, i.e. more than one wooden spoon, bowl, container or utensil. Consider how many you actually have, and how many of them you use. If you have lots of wooden spoons and don’t use them, keep one and recycle or donate the rest.

Would I purchase this now?

Our kitchens are filled with appliances and utensils that we have purchased on a whim many years ago. Such appliances over time get pushed to the back of a dusty cupboard, never to see the light of day again. Keep in mind that over time, our cooking styles and requirements change. If you notice an appliance that you probably wouldn’t purchase now in the present time, donate, sell or recycle it. Selling such items is a good option, especially if you have only used them a couple of times and they are in good condition. You could get some extra cash for them.

Remove items that shouldn’t typically be there

Every kitchen harbours items that shouldn’t really be there. Clear out drawers of children’s toys, books, magazines, rubber bands, glue, DIY tools and anything else that doesn’t belong there. Kitchen worktops are a popular dumping ground for items that house members cannot be bothered to put away in other parts of the house. If this sounds applicable to your home on a frequent basis, delegate a ‘misc items basket’ to store such items in that can be sorted out on a regular basis. Not only will this keep your worktops clutter-free, but it will look smarter and more organised, too.

Organise your storage solutions

Give your cupboards a deep clean and closely review the number of cleaning products you have within them. Throw out any cleaning products that you do not use on a regular basis, making sure that you recycle packaging as much as possible. Also take a careful look under the sink – this is usually where disused products and bottles end up. Use hooks and pins to hang items on the inside of cupboard doors (or other doors/walls) to create more space and hang things such as utensils, aprons and coats. If your cupboards contain lots of extra plates, cups, bowls and wine glasses for when you are entertaining, slim these down to what you use on a daily basis. Put any spares up in the loft for when you need them occasionally.

Don’t let the clutter mount up again

Make a kitchen cleaning rota/plan and get all family members to stick to it. Daily maintenance is the only way that your kitchen will stay organised once you have decluttered. Keep storage baskets on shelves where you can neatly store recipes, bills and other items like pens. If your kids do their homework in the kitchen, set up a dedicated space and make sure that homework items are neatly stored in a basket or drawer. If items start to crowd worktops, take action as soon as you notice them to keep your kitchen tidy, organised and a calming space that you enjoy using.

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Luxury bespoke kitchen fitters in Wirral

Mayfair Kitchen Studios’ fitters are among the most in-demand in the business, with decades of experience and the highest levels of craftsmanship. If you’re looking for completely bespoke, high specification luxury kitchens in the Wirral area, we have over 30 years of experience, and can ensure that every fitting in your kitchen is to the highest standard.

We understand that you need a kitchen that can keep up with the demands of a busy 21st century lifestyle, whilst being the perfect place to prepare food, relax and enjoy a meal or entertain. Our design and storage solutions are tailor-made to fit the space in your home. Our team of carpenters and fitters can help you to make the most of your living space through innovative techniques.

Some members of our fitting team in Wirral have been with our company for more than 20 years. We have a great passion for what we do, which is reflected in the high levels of detail that you see in our kitchens. In 1988, our longest-serving fitter won a national award for quality of fitting. All of our fitters receive in-house training, and we teach time-honed crafting techniques that have survived for generations. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, and guarantee the highest levels of craftsmanship in joinery and overall installation.

With our luxury bespoke kitchen fitters, you can create your dream kitchen that truly makes the most of the space available in your home. Our dedicated kitchen planners can advise on storage, utility areas, wall panels, appliance location, lighting, cupboard space, walk-in pantries and more.

We always use the highest quality materials when making our kitchens, using premium hardwoods and natural stone from a range of reputable distributors. We will talk through each stage of the process with you, to ensure that your kitchen reflects your unique style and the décor of your home’s interior. Customise your kitchen with high specification appliances that deliver on quality and performance. Talk to us today about our range of accent woods and wood stains, hardware and worktops in a range of materials and colours. Our installations are carried out with minimal fuss and hassle, with little impact on your everyday life. We provide professional and efficient solutions to any problems we may encounter along the way.

Our fitters at Mayfair Kitchen Studios are among the best in the business. Come and visit us at our showroom in Wirral. We can provide you with expert knowledge of the kitchen design process, helping you to see what is possible in your home. We always ensure that our customers are satisfied with each stage of the building process – right down to the finest details. Talk to our team today and we can arrange a viewing of your current kitchen and advise on your new customised design.

7 Questions you Should Ask Yourself Before Having a Bespoke Kitchen Design

A truly bespoke luxury kitchen should be built entirely around your needs, home and lifestyle. At Mayfair Kitchen Studios, our professional team of planners and fitters have decades of experience in helping and advising customers on how they can design a kitchen they are truly proud of, and which exceeds all of their expectations. With so many options and details to choose from however, it can be useful to do a little planning beforehand, so that you know exactly how you want your kitchen space to be improved and enhanced. Here’s what you should be asking yourself before commencing a kitchen re-design.

How do I use my kitchen?

A great place to start is to think about how you and your family use the kitchen space you currently have. Do you entertain family and friends? Do you need a lot of storage space? Do you like to cook? What appliances do you currently have (and are there any extra ones you’d like to include?). Knowing the answers to these questions will greatly help your kitchen planner to get a feel for how you utilise the space, so that they can tailor your kitchen exactly to your needs.

How much space is there in my home?

You will need to think about the amount of space available in your current kitchen and whether you want to use this existing space, expand this space to create a bigger kitchen, or remove walls/create an open plan living or dining area, etc. If you’re unsure at this stage, that’s no problem – our team of fitters at Mayfair Kitchen Studios can advise on what is possible and talk you through your options.

What is my cooking style?

The obvious and main purpose of any kitchen is to cook and enjoy delicious food. Consider whether you are a keen cook. Do you require smart appliances, extra counter space, an island, or a larder for extensive amounts of ingredients? Or are you someone looking for appliances that will help you to prepare a quick and easy meal without too much hassle? Do you require an extra large fridge for your large or growing family? Or perhaps a breakfast bar to eat a quick bite before heading to work?

What products and food do you store in your kitchen?

Consider whether you need lots of storage options because of how you buy and store food. Do you shop for groceries in bulk every month? Or do you shop every week? Do you require extra storage under worktops for tins and boxed foods such as cereals, an integrated spice rack, larder or large freezer? Do you need storage facilities for wine and drinks? Think about your lifestyle and the different cuisines you like to eat. The last thing you want is to end up with a lack of storage for your everyday essentials.

Which types of appliance do I require?

Think carefully about where you’d like your appliances to be positioned when designing your new kitchen – especially larger ones. Do you require a gas, induction or electric hob? Where do you want your fridge positioned? How big do you need your fridge to be? Would you like a range cooker? Think about space around the appliances too – is it easy to move from one to another, i.e. from the fridge to your workspace? Your kitchen planner can help with this if you are unsure of where to position your appliances.

What style do I want my new bespoke kitchen to take?

Everyone has different tastes, so think about what style you’d like your new kitchen to be in. Do you want a traditional-style kitchen (this looks great in a country-feel home), or something futuristic? If you have a Georgian or Victorian-style home, have you considered a classic shaker kitchen? Is your preference more contemporary or minimalist? Perhaps you’d benefit from a high-tech kitchen with clean lines and handle-less doors? Do you like bold patterns or bold colours? You can always mix and match aspects of different kitchens depending on your personality and style preferences, which is something your kitchen planner can assist with. Consider the colours you’d like for your cupboards, materials for your worktops, and the type of flooring you’re going to have. When it comes to designing a kitchen, there are endless options to choose from – from finishes to handle types, wood types, worktop materials and tiles. If you’re after something particularly unconventional, speak to your fitter about making it from scratch to give your kitchen a more unique twist.

What types of lighting do I want for my new bespoke kitchen?

People often forget about lighting when thinking about their kitchen design. Lighting is a very important aspect – from artificial lights, to natural daylight. In terms of natural light, think about where your windows are positioned in your home, and how the light changes in your kitchen throughout the day. Natural light will affect the best place to position larger and taller items and cabinets. You should also think about artificial lighting and whether you’d like LED light strips, spot lighting in the ceiling, pendants above a kitchen island or breakfast bar, or a feature light that becomes a focal point. The less natural light you have in your kitchen, the more you may need to rely on artificial lighting during the day.

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Bespoke Kitchens in Wirral

Are you dreaming of a new kitchen that is completely bespoke and built with your requirements in mind? At Mayfair Kitchen Studios we have helped many customers in the Wirral and Cheshire areas design and realise their ideal kitchens. Our fitters are among the most in-demand and highly-skilled in the kitchen-making business, boasting over 30 years of carpentry experience and craftsmanship to ensure that your kitchen performs to the highest standards and can last through the years.

Kitchens Wirral

We always keep ahead of the latest design trends and kitchen innovations, using current advances in modern design technologies to create a kitchen that helps you make the most of the space you have on offer, while providing innovative storage solutions that fit in with your lifestyle. We lovingly create all of our bespoke kitchens in our workshop in Wirral. Our team of carpenters and fitters has been with us for over 20 years, making them experts in their craft thanks to their passion for what they do. We train all of our staff in-house to ensure time-honoured methods are passed down for generations to come, and to ensure meticulous levels of detail are maintained to the highest standard.

We can help you envision and create your dream kitchen – whether you’re after a small shaker kitchen, a large contemporary space for food prep and dining, or a traditional farmhouse-style with a moveable island and walk-in pantry. We use the finest in supreme quality materials, using the best hardwoods and a range of natural stones to create your dream bespoke kitchen counter tops, units and cupboards. Choose from a range of beautiful decorative options to personalise your kitchen, including a selection of handles, wood stains, accent wood panels, lighting, plumbing and appliances from luxury brands to put your own personal style at the forefront of your kitchen’s design.

All of our fitters are experts in their craft and deliver first-class service at every stage of the installation process. We like to make sure that all of our customers are happy with every stage of their kitchen’s installation process, so feel free to tell us if you’d ever like to change something in the design. We are efficient and organised when carrying out the installation process, with an aim to have a minimal impact on your day-to-day life.

Why not visit us for a conversation about your dream bespoke kitchen? We have workshops in Wirral and Cheshire – come and see our vast range of kitchens and speak to us about what you have in mind for a design. Our expert kitchen designers will be happy to help you realise your vision.

Chester Kitchens

Are you based in the Chester area and looking for luxury, custom-made kitchens? At Mayfair Kitchen Studios we are passionate about helping our customers bring their dream kitchen to life. However you want your kitchen to look and perform, we can create it with your desires in mind. All of our craftsmen are expert creatives who are total masters of their skill. We can help you create the bespoke kitchen of your dreams that maximises your space while ensuring durability and high performance, time and again.

At our workshops in the Chester area our highly skilled carpenters and fitters create all of our kitchens by hand. Many of our staff have been working for our company for over two decades, with our longest-serving fitter receiving an award for the mastery and quality of their craftsmanship. We train all of our fitting staff on-site, and always uphold a very high level of fine attention to detail. Many of our construction methods are time-honed skills that have been passed down through generations.

We source only the finest and most durable materials for our kitchens, using natural stone like granite and Silestone, premium hardwoods and timber. We can install the best in luxury appliances from well-known brands, so that your kitchen does everything that you need it to do, and performs to the best possible standard. We can help you create your dream bespoke luxury handmade kitchen, making the most of the space available in your home while complementing your interior décor taste.

Whether you’re looking for a more traditional, country farmhouse-style kitchen, a shaker kitchen with a quirky and unique style or a contemporary, minimalistic design, we can accommodate any taste and create a design that is built around functionality, practicality and your needs. We offer an outstanding selection of colours, wood stains, materials, hardware and worktops so that you can create a kitchen that is completely unique to you and your personal style. All of our kitchens are handmade in our Chester workshop, and every one is completely individual, with finishes that have been perfected by hand.

Visit us in our showrooms in the Chester area or give us a call to discuss your kitchen requirements and how we can create the kitchen of your dreams. We can also arrange a personal visit so that one of our designers can see your kitchen space first-hand and offer further design inspiration to transform it. Get in touch with us at Mayfair Kitchen Studios today.

Things to include in an essential family kitchen design

When you plan a new kitchen, it is important that your design meets the needs of everyone in the home who will use it, including teenagers, babies and young children. A kitchen is more than just a space where food is prepared – it is a space where the family comes together and socialises. You need to adapt the space to accommodate everyone in your family, including any new additions that come along in future. At Mayfair Kitchen Studio, we have helped many customers in the Cheshire and Wirral areas and beyond create their dream kitchen with their families and children in mind. Here’s how to create the ideal family kitchen through great design.

Think about your intended layout

Whether you have or are planning to have children, it’s important to consider how you’d like your kitchen to be laid out. You need to consider whether you want to make an area of your kitchen completely child-free, or create an island, a peninsula or a U-shape design that sections off an area at one end. The right design will ensure that younger members of the family are safely out of the way when you are cooking and preparing food or using sharp utensils. If you’d prefer to have a space that is easily accessible by the entire household, an island or L-shape kitchen may be the best design for your family.

Always let your kitchen designer know how old your children are in your family and whether you’d like a designated ‘safe space’ to cook in. It’s also worth thinking about how accessible you’d like other appliances such as microwaves and washing machines to be for older members of the family such as teenagers. Think about where you’d like the family to sit in your kitchen and where this seating area is in relation to food preparation areas. By putting seating areas away from ‘safe zones’, you can keep a closer eye on younger children while keeping them safe from hazards.

Consider an island in your planning

Think about whether you have space for an island in your kitchen, as this can prove useful when you have children. If your island has seating for family members, it can be used as a space for entertaining, eating, doing homework or activities with your kids, or relaxing. Having a sink built in to an island can prove useful for clearing up spillages that come with family use.

You should also consider alternating the heights of your work surfaces so they can accommodate things underneath them in terms of storage (such as high chairs), or create a breakfast bar, which can be great for older children and teenagers.

Safety first

If you have young children, you’ll need to think about safety and how you use your appliances. An induction hob is much safer than a gas hob because there is no flame and the surface keeps cool, even when cooking. An induction hob also normally has child safety locks. The installation of a boiling water tap can also be more safe than using a kettle, as the action of twisting and holding the tap to turn it on is much harder and it cannot be knocked over like a kettle. Handle-less kitchens are also popular with families because they make it harder for young children to open cupboards and storage facilities.

Let appliances lighten the load

If you have a busy life and a big family, choose appliances that will make life easier and help with your workload. Opt for a dishwasher that cleans at very high temperatures, a fast-cook oven, and a large load washing machine and tumble drier that is designed to deal with copious amounts of dirty clothing and bedding.

Take care with surfaces

Glossy, shiny or dark surfaces might look amazing, but are not very practical when you have young children. Sticky fingerprints can be a constant problem in a family kitchen, so make sure that your surfaces and worktops are easily wipeable, don’t require constant treatment (like real wood surfaces), and do not show up handprints. Consider matt surfaces, or quartz or stone worktops. Also think about this when choosing your doors for your cabinets. Silestone has antibacterial properties, making it a great choice for a family. Also consider a hard-wearing floor in your kitchen that can (literally) take anything life throws at it.

Future-plan your kitchen

Think about how your family is growing and whether there will be any new additions to it in future. Consider extra space for storage, how much fridge storage you need for extra food and space for rubbish bins. You’ll also need to think about dining arrangements and whether you have enough space for your family kitchen table, as well as an oven that has space for the cooking of more food.

If you need help designing your family kitchen, we can help at Mayfair Kitchen Studio. We cover the Wirral and Cheshire areas, and have helped many customers design and create the family kitchen of their dreams. Get in touch with us today to discuss what you require from a new kitchen.

A simple guide to kitchen lighting

A truly amazing kitchen has an innovative lighting design to show it off in all its beauty. The kitchen is the heart of any home, and our modern lifestyles mean that we use it for a wider range of activities, including entertaining, socialising, relaxing and working. With this in mind, it is all the more important to have the correct lighting installed in your kitchen that can cope with your every demand. At Mayfair Kitchen Studio, we have helped lots of customers in the Wirral and Cheshire areas to create their dream kitchen with a perfect lighting scheme. By positioning lighting correctly, you can enhance certain areas of your kitchen, while compensating for a lack of natural light in others.

To correctly plan kitchen lighting, you need to consider the various areas of your kitchen and the activities that happen within them. For instance, for food preparation areas, you will most likely want to install task lighting beneath cupboards to illuminate worktops. You may also want soft lighting where family members sit in dining areas of your kitchen so that the space feels inviting and encourages relaxation. Our kitchen designers at Mayfair Kitchen Studio will talk you through the different types of kitchen lighting that are available, and will examine the kitchen space in your home to check on the amount of natural light that is present. We will talk you through alternative lighting options that can help to make the space feel as light and airy as possible.

Consider lighting controls

Think about how you’d like your lighting to be controlled. Do you want a simple on/off wall switch? Or would you prefer a dimmer switch to create the ideal ambient glow for entertaining and relaxing? You can also have more advanced lighting systems that enable you to pre-set lighting patterns through your smartphone, tablet or PC, enabling you to adjust lighting colour, intensity and beam size. Whatever works best for you, we can install it in your dream kitchen.

Different types of kitchen lighting

There are different types of kitchen lighting available that can help you to brilliantly illuminate parts of the room. These include:

  • Task lighting (for worktops, cookers and sinks)
  • Under-cupboard lighting (strip lighting)
  • Spot lights (mounted into the ceiling that can be dimmed to create ambiance)
  • LED under-cupboard lights
  • In-cupboard LED lighting
  • Ceiling-mounted lights
  • Shelf lights (for feature lighting)
  • Adjustable table lighting (a centrepiece when dining)
  • Uplighters (to enhance the amount of light in a room)
  • Island lighting (LED strips)
  • Decorative lighting (colour changing lights)

Styles of lighting vary from ultra modern to more traditional themes, depending on the type of look you’d like for your kitchen. Speak to our team today to discuss lighting options available to you.

Consider natural light

While artificial light can help to make a kitchen feel more spacious, natural light should also be considered. Think about skylights, French doors or larger windows to bring extra daylight into your kitchen. If you have a white or light-coloured kitchen, the natural light will be reflected off of surfaces, so the whole room feels more spacious. It is important that any lighting scheme fits in well with the natural light available within a room.

For more information about lighting options in your dream kitchen design, talk to us today at Mayfair Kitchen Studio.

How to Design a Two-tone Kitchen

Two-tone kitchens are the hottest trend right now, and are the perfect way to put your own personal stamp on a kitchen that reflects your personality and taste. A well-designed two-tone kitchen with matching doors and units that are well positioned can give you the kitchen of your dreams. But you need to give the design careful consideration, as a two-tone kitchen is very easy to get wrong!

This is where our team of designers at Mayfair Kitchen Studio can help – we have decades of experience in designing two-tone kitchens for our customers based in the Cheshire and Wirral areas, and can help you create a tasteful two-tone kitchen. To help us in the design process, it is great if customers know exactly how they want their space to look and how they want to use their chosen tones. Many people have a vague idea in mind, but are not exactly sure how they want their two-toned kitchen to look. To help, here’s our ultimate guide to designing a two-tone kitchen and how to get in on this luxury trend, so that you can see what works best for your space.

Think carefully about colour

A two-tone kitchen can completely transform your home if it’s done correctly. It’s an ideal way to give your kitchen a personal yet quirky character, and is great if you want to blend multiple spaces together so that they fit seamlessly into one continuation. This is where colour is your best friend, especially if you have an ultra-modern design in mind. You may want to consider different tones of wood and alternative materials if you are thinking of a more traditional kitchen. With traditional kitchens, it is always best to use more neutral tones if you are thinking of adopting colour. Of course, there are kitchens that can incorporate both modern and traditional concepts, which is where we can help you design something completely unique.

Locate your main focal point

When designing a two-tone kitchen, it is very important to find the main focal point in the room. This could be a range cooker, a set of cabinets or an island. Think about how adding a different shade of colour will change this focal point and make it stand out more, so it is the first thing your eye catches when you enter the room. This shade could be big and bold, or more neutral depending on the design of your kitchen. That said, it shouldn’t be so neutral that it blends in with the rest of the units in the room. The focal point should be your main eye-catching piece in the room.

Creating a two-tone kitchen without paint

If you’re thinking of having a two-tone kitchen but don’t want to experiment with paint, don’t worry as there are plenty of other ways that you can achieve the two-tone look. A clever way to do this is through cabinet design. You can design your cabinets so that part of them has a wood finish, while another part of the cabinet has laminate detailing or glass. If you are planning to mix materials like this, we advise working with our expert team based in the Wirral and Cheshire areas, as we can advise on materials that are commonly used together to create the right aesthetic.

Don’t be afraid to go darker

Darker shades in a kitchen can be challenging to perfect, especially if there isn’t much natural light within a room. That said, don’t be afraid to experiment with darker tones, as they are more workable than you think if you keep them to a minimum. Embrace the two-tone trend by having a darker shade on your bottom cabinets, and a lighter shade on your wall cabinets that are above your worktops. This design looks ultra-modern while grounding the space. It is also a good design solution for smaller kitchens, as it makes your space look more spacious (the lighter colour cabinets will draw your eyes upwards). Another choice is to pair a darker colour with white in a similar way, or to have an ombré design from the bottom-up.

Co-ordination is key

Always remember when designing a two-tone kitchen that coordinating your cabinets is the most important feature, as this will tie everything together. You can do this by using similar hues for the upper and lower cabinets. If you’d prefer to go for two different colours to your cabinets, you need to think about how these will complement each other and tie in with your worktops.

What to avoid when designing a two-tone kitchen

When designing a two-tone kitchen, you shouldn’t just focus on one small area. Take the whole kitchen into consideration. Our eyes find it difficult to focus on a very small area that is overly fussy in design. Keep your cupboard doors a single colour and try and work with contrasting hues around this in other areas of your kitchen. Always make sure that your chosen colours complement one another, and be careful when mixing modern and contemporary colours and styles. You can always consult with our team at Mayfair Kitchen Studio for help. As a guide, vibrant colours work well with darker woods, while lighter woods work well with fairer and brighter colours. Also bear in mind that your kitchen will be with you for a long time – make sure you are really happy with a colour before you commit to it. Consider whether the colours you have chosen will date very quickly.

The most important thing to remember when designing a two-tone kitchen is that your chosen colours for your cupboards and work surfaces must all come together for the design to properly work. The colours should blend together rather than stand out in their own right. For help designing your dream two-tone kitchen, get in touch with our expert team at Mayfair Kitchen Studio. We cover all areas in Wirral and Cheshire, and have helped many happy customers design the two-tone kitchen of their dreams.

Bespoke, Handmade, Fitted Kitchens in Wirral

If you’re looking for tailor-made, bespoke and truly unique handmade fitted kitchens in Wirral, Cheshire and other areas of the North West of the UK, we can help at Mayfair Kitchen Studios.

Our aim is to help make every customer’s dream kitchen a reality, while offering exceptional quality, craftsmanship, design and installation services. No matter what your style is, and no matter how big your space is, we can create a beautiful kitchen that performs how you need it to while looking truly exceptional. Come and visit one of our showrooms today to see what is possible and bring your dream design to life.

AGA kitchen, kitchens wirral

We believe that the kitchen is the true hub of any home. It is often the most-used room in the house, and can be much more than just a kitchen. It can be a place for happiness, entertaining, relaxing and coming together. Our fitters understand what our customers require from a modern kitchen, and always ensure that their craftsmanship is to the highest standard so that your kitchen can tackle all the comings and goings of modern life. We utilise the latest in modern technology to make the most of the space available in your kitchen, so that all of your food preparation and storage needs are met.

All of our kitchen cabinets, worktops and other furniture is custom-made to your requirements and handmade in our workshop close to the Wirral area. No style is too demanding or complex – make your luxury kitchen your own with our vast choice of accent woods, wood stains, colours, stone worktops, utilities and other hardware in an array of materials and hues. Choose from finishes including slate, marble, quartz, copper, brushed steel and nickel (to name a few). Tell us what inspires you – whether it’s a sleek, modern kitchen with a minimalist style, or a highly detailed, traditional country-style kitchen that blends old-world charm with functionality.

If you’re also keen to maximise storage and work space, we can create your ideal kitchen island, which can be designed in both contemporary and traditional styles. Whether your island is for a country farmhouse, cottage or modern home, we have have a vast range of worktops, handles and other fittings to bring it to life.

At Mayfair Kitchen Studios we aim to make all of our bespoke kitchens with the utmost care and attention, and like all of our installations to be carried out with a minimal impact on our customers’ day-to-day lives. We take care of everything from initial design through to fitting and completion, and also offer a comprehensive 5 year labour aftercare programme. All you need to do is relax and enjoy your brand new bespoke kitchen.

Come and visit one of our showrooms in Wirral and Cheshire and let’s have a discussion about what you’d like from your ideal bespoke kitchen.