Mayfair Kitchens Guarantee

Mayfair Kitchen Guarantee

5 Year Labour Guarantee

Unique, Unconditional Cover

At Mayfair you can achieve the perfect conditions for your financial investment in your new kitchen. As members of the Kitchen and Bedroom Association (KBSA) we are able to provide the insurance for the safety of your finance.

To give you extra reassurance KBSA provide there own independent warranty on your installation, couple this with Mayfair’s 5 Year Unconditional Guarantee (unique in the U.K.) including all aspects of work and all appliances you can have every confidence in our products and workmanship. An outline of a few aspects from our KBSA warranty our outlined below.

Deposit Cover

For an amount of up to a maximum of 25% of the total contract price.

Work In Progress Cover

This provides cover to the consumer for an amount of up to a maximum of 50% of the total contract price, for a period of up to 42 days (6 weeks) from delivery of materials to completion of contract.

Warranty Cover

Provides cover to the consumer for defects in the workmanship of the Kbsa member retailer up to a maximum of 100% of contract price for a period of 2 years from completion of the installation.

Major Defects Cover

On expiration of the warranty section of cover, protection is provided against a major defect occurring within the next 4 years, for up to a maximum of 100% of contract price. A major defect is considered to be an acknowledged defect which is caused by defective workmanship carried out by or which is the responsibility of the Kbsa retail member which results in rectification work to over 40% of the insured work.



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