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In-frame Shaker Kitchens

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A timeless classic revisited

In-frame cabinet furniture, where a door of a cabinet is perfectly fitted within a wooden carcass, have been the norm for centuries however, the idea of a bespoke fitted kitchen using these methods only came into popularity since the early 1900’s. Post WWII saw cost cutting methods such as frameless kitchens become increasingly common thanks to their affordability.


With all the modern innovations and seamless, integrated designs, in frame kitchens became old-fashioned and suitable only to traditional shaker or country style kitchens. Recently, a global move back to durability and longevity, in frame cabinetry construction has become a prominent trend again, the durability and carefully crafted charm of this in-frame design makes this range such a popular choice.

While in frame kitchens have mostly been reserved for traditional kitchen designs, Mayfair Kitchens modern in-frame shaker kitchen styles are perfect for durable and long-lasting installations given its high durability and use of solid wood construction.

The frame forms an integral part of the kitchen design and allows for a variety of styles to be seamlessly incorporated to suit even the most discerning clients tastes. In-frame kitchens using traditional cabinetry construction are more expensive than lay-in kitchens because of the additional materials needed to create the frames as well as the traditional hand crafting techniques required. But while lay-in kitchens are still more affordable, they tend to be less durable than the in-frame counterpart.

With over 35 years’ experience in interior design we feel we are well placed to help even the most discerning of clients realise their dream home. Visit one of our Cheshire and Wirral Mayfair Kitchens showrooms to speak to our experienced boot room designers about fitting your very own boot room today.

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