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In-frame Kitchens in Wirral. What Are In-frame Kitchens?

NEWS > In-frame Kitchens in Wirral. What Are In-frame Kitchens?

Are you looking for in-frame kitchens in Wirral? If so, you have landed on the right website. Here we will look into what in-frame kitchens are and how they differ from frameless kitchens. Whether you decide that an in-frame kitchen is right for you or that a frameless kitchen would suit you better, we can provide it all. 

What is an in-frame kitchen?

Known in the United States as inset kitchens, in-frame kitchens are designed with cabinet doors inset within a frame made of wood. Not only is this frame style a visual feature, but it also provides strength to the front of the cabinet. The distinctive look of an in-frame kitchen brings to mind images of time-honoured craftsmanship and is built to stand the test of time.

The history of in-frame kitchens

For a long time, the in-frame method of having a cabinet door fitted perfectly to a wooden carcass was the primary technique used when making most cabinet furniture items. However, it wasn’t until the early 1900s that custom-fitted kitchens with in-frame cabinets began to become popular with homeowners. 

Later, after World War 2, advances in high-pressure laminate technology allowed manufacturers to reduce their costs by making kitchens without frames. The almost endless design possibilities which then followed led to in-frame kitchens being regarded as somewhat old-fashioned and something you would only have in country-style or traditional shaker kitchens.

But fashions often come full circle, don’t they? These days, durability and longevity are important factors when fitting out something as important as a kitchen. Additionally, many people are fond of the traditional look, as it can give a retro feel to an otherwise modern home. As a result, in-frame kitchens with custom-fitted doors have become popular again due to the fine craftsmanship they represent and the distinctive appearance they give to the kitchen.

How frameless and frame kitchen cabinets differ

At the heart of a frameless kitchen cabinet is a carcass made from plywood, chipboard, or particleboard. The edge of the cabinet is concealed by laminating the edge of the carcass with edge banding, and the doors are directly attached to the cabinet’s carcass.

The absence of a frame significantly reduces the cost because less wood is used. This means that frameless kitchens have become a popular choice for those with lower budgets looking for a more affordable kitchen.

In contrast, the cabinets of framed kitchens have a frame fitted to the carcass, and then the door of the cabinet gets fitted to the frame. These doors can sit on top of the face of the frame, with the frame either entirely or partially covered over. Alternatively, as with in-frame kitchens, the doors can be fitted within the frame.

If you are looking for in-frame kitchens in Wirral, look no further than Mayfair Kitchens. With showrooms in Wirral and Chester and with over 30 years of experience designing kitchens for many happy customers, we can surely design an in-frame kitchen to fit perfectly into your home. So visit our Wirral showroom or contact us to begin the process today.


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