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Top Tips For Successful Kitchen Design

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A kitchen is a family where meals are prepared and eaten, and family spends meaningful time together. So, it is quite an important room in the house.

If you want to design your kitchen, ensure you have a design that makes it easy to work in the kitchen, prepare meals and also spend quality time with your loved ones.
Here are some tops tips for a successful kitchen design:


When you have a large or small kitchen, ensure there is adequate storage space. Install cabinets to transform your kitchen into an elegant one. There are many styles and finishes of cabinets that you can opt for, and these will not just supply storage space, but will keep all the pots and pans out of sight, giving your kitchen a neat and organised appearance. And you can keep your things very eloquently neat and stored away in style!


It is strange how something as simple as lighting can transform the kitchen into a light, airy and welcoming room. Place lighting strategically and try to get in natural light, as far as possible. Use bright lights near the working areas, while the rest of the kitchen can have soft lighting. If possible, incorporate a skylight to let in the sunshine. But lighting is a great element to think about for successful kitchen design.


Today, you can opt for custom, contemporary, French, traditional or rustic style. It is imperative that you choose one style and then stick to it in terms of décor, appliances, fixtures and finish. It also should complement the rest of the house and be part of the house, rather a standalone room.

Kitchen Triangle

To make working and food preparation easy and convenient, do not forget the kitchen triangle, which refers to the placement of the sink, refrigerator and stove. The triangle facilitates easy and quick movement between these three points in the kitchen, and there should be no obstacle between these points. Make sure the kitchen triangle is designed efficiently to make your life easier in the kitchen.

Other things to think about are the individual components that make up the kitchen, ie, where your dishwasher and sink will be placed. Also, space between the counters need to be considered too, as ideally you do not want to be bumping into corners on every turn.

Designing a great kitchen can be time-consuming. The good news is you can tap on the wealth of experience that Mayfair Kitchen Studio has. We will first understand your needs, and then help you design and choose the perfect kitchen for your needs.

Our bespoke kitchen designs can increase the value of your home and make food preparation a pleasure. Contact us today on 0151 357 4197 and let us help you select the best kitchen design for your needs.

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