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Top Attractions in Chester

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Looking for things to do in Chester? Whether it’s for yourself, your partner, or the whole family, there are a lot of things to do and see in Chester. And here at Mayfair Kitchens, we have provided quality kitchens in Chester over the years, and have built up much knowledge of the area, which we have put together here and will come in helpful, especially if you’re planning a day out in Chester. Here are our Top 5 attractions here in Chester that we’d recommend.

1. 2-Hour Iron Bridge Cruise on River Dee

Are you or the family interested in cruises? How about making a leisurely local cruise!

There is a 2-hour cruise available to you through the local ‘Eaton Estate’. The journey takes you on the River Dee and past the local attractions. You can even order lunch whilst you’re aboard!

2. White Water Rafting

Again, if you want to stick with water based attractions in Chester, why not venture out to Llangollen, where you can white water raft! The entire experience is brought to you by Whitewater Active. Visit the site for more details of the offers and packages in place. From White-water rafting, to Gorge Walking, to rock climbing – there is much to do! So have fun and get fit at the same time!

3. Cheshire Military Museum

If you fancy something different from the water based experiences, the how about visiting one of the most prolific museums in the region. The museum specifically tells the story of the local veterans who went to war. It’s quite the historic experience.

4. Chester Cathedral

Located within a scenic setting, the Chester Cathedral offers something quite unique and different. The attraction also offers a falconry experience where you have the chance to rub shoulders with some stunning birds of prey.

The location could not be better as it is situated close to the city centre. Get more information on the cathedral experience.

5. Chester Zoo

Continuing on with the animal theme… this leads us nicely onto probably the most infamous attraction in Chester – Chester Zoo! With excellent reviews and much to see, Chester Zoo makes for a fantastic day out with the family, where you can see some rare creatures.

6. Escapism Chester

Now if you fancy something completely different from anything in the above list, then how about an escape room! Try to beat the clock and maintain your composure in solving clues and trying to escape from your surroundings. Escape rooms are quickly growing throughout the UK and this venue is amongst the most popular in the country. Get more details.

As can be seen there is much to do in the region. There is literally something for everyone to do! And if you happen to visit any of the places above, do let us know of your experiences!

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