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The Best Instagram Kitchen Trends of 2021

NEWS > The Best Instagram Kitchen Trends of 2021

Instagram is definitely any homeowner’s go-to app for inspiration, especially when remodelling parts of their living space. So, if you’re planning on revamping your kitchen and are looking for all-new ideas, you’re in the perfect place!

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Below is a collection of the best Instagram kitchen trends of 2021:

Wall-Integrated Cabinets

Wall-integrated cabinets are an all-new Instagram favourite for kitchens in 2021. This style features a modern twist on the traditional short wall cabinet, which takes up a significant amount of kitchen space as it protrudes outside the wall.

On the other hand, their integrated counterparts are fully fitted inside the wall, hence leaving you with more space to work within your kitchen. But, of course, wall-integrated cabinets aren’t suitable for every kitchen. They can only be installed in kitchens that were designed to cater to such cabinets within their thicker-than-average hollow wall space.

Some integrated cabinets start from approximately two feet below the ceiling and run downwards until they reach the floor. A series of such cabinets may be installed to span across the wall’s entire length. However, there is also another style that includes shorter integrated cabinets that are between 2 and 3 feet tall, at most.

Cottagecore Aesthetic

In 2020, we saw the cottagecore style becoming increasingly popular across social media platforms, especially Instagram. However, in 2021, this style has evolved into an absolute staple. It can be easily found on everyone’s Instagram feed, especially in posts related to modern kitchens.

The cottagecore aesthetic champions pastel tones as well as soft, neutral colours like white and deer brown. It also emphasizes motifs like flowers, ribbons, picnic baskets, and bells.

If you’re looking to add cottagecore elements into your kitchen, try bringing in some plants and fresh flowers (they don’t need to be real; plastic ones work, too!). You can also introduce woven baskets to store your bread and other non-fridge food items in.

Cottagecore kitchens may flaunt pastel-coloured walls, but all-white works well, too. The kitchen should feel warm, cosy, and organic. So, if possible, try to incorporate maximum sunlight within your workspace and reduce the need for artificial lights.

Black and White Kitchens

This kitchen trend is in direct contrast with the cottagecore aesthetic. Black and white, or noir, kitchens are extremely popular amongst people who prefer a more contemporary and minimalist aesthetic. Marble and granite worktops are extremely popular within this style, as are black lamp spotlights and modern, elegant, black or white seats (especially cushioned kitchen bar stools).

Such kitchens often include golden elements, too, though these are kept to a minimum so as to not deviate too far from the noir aesthetic.

Black and white kitchens typically prefer employing artificial, warm lighting over sunlight, so don’t shy away from purchasing those new lights you’ve had your eye on for a while!

These kitchens are not aiming for a cosy vibe, so it’s better to skip over any fuzzy rugs or excessive plants.

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