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Shaker Kitchens in Chester? What Are the Features of a Shaker Kitchen?

NEWS > Shaker Kitchens in Chester? What Are the Features of a Shaker Kitchen?

Are you looking for Shaker kitchens in Chester? If so, look no further because that’s what we are talking about today. Here we look at what gives Shaker kitchens their distinctive minimalistic yet functional appearance.

The Shaker look

Originally, Shaker kitchens were crafted from the highest quality inexpensive wood they could find. This was often pine or fruit tree, which gave their furniture that unmistakable light wood appearance. But these days, the cabinets featured in modern Shaker kitchens can use almost any type of wood and other materials.

Shaker kitchen cabinets

Shaker kitchen door frames are made with traditional dovetail joints, and the doors do not feature any adornment. They have just four wide frame pieces and a central flat panel. Originally, these doors would have only been treated with oil. These days, the cabinets will also be painted or stained. 

And if you are a fan of colourful environments, you can still have a Shaker kitchen. Modern shaker kitchens are available in all the colours of the rainbow. Depending on the appearance of the rest of your home, your kitchen cabinets could have a traditional or contemporary look. It’s really up to you.

Shaker handles

Originally, the handles and pulls on the drawers in Shaker kitchens were crafted from the same wood as the rest of it. This was because they considered metal handles too much of an elaborate addition to an otherwise simple design. So, it’s best to have minimal handles on your cabinets if you want to stick to a pure Shaker style.

Completing your Shaker kitchen

Because the lines on the cabinets are simple, they can fit easily into any kitchen style. Here are some suggestions for adding the finishing touches to your Shaker kitchen.

Adding some colour

Even though originally, Shaker kitchens were not painted, that doesn’t mean you cannot paint yours. Instead, bring the Shaker kitchen style into the 21st century by adding bold, deep colours. 

It can be good to add some contrast. For example, if you go for navy blue or black on your cabinets, why not have light grey countertops. Or you might want to do it the other way around and have light cabinets with darker countertops. Then you can add some additional warmth with some brass, wicker, and light wood.

Keeping a natural look

If you want to honour the original Shaker style, oak is a good choice of wood. Other good options include pine, walnut, cherry, or maple. If you are looking for a white Shaker kitchen, solid wooden tops can match well with white cabinets, giving it a pleasant country-style appearance.

Incorporating Shaker cabinets into a modern kitchen

Although the Shaker kitchen style has traditional roots, the Shaker style of cabinet can fit seamlessly into a modern kitchen design. One way to add a modern look to your kitchen is to have wrap-around solid surface countertops. Another way is to add contrast by adding white doors to your upper cabinets while keeping the lower cabinets dark.

We hope you found this article about Shaker kitchens helpful and informative. If you are looking for Shaker kitchens in Chester, look no further than Mayfair Kitchens. Our professional design team are here to guide you through every step of planning your new dream kitchen. Visit our Chester showroom or contact us to begin the process today.


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