Our Bebington showroom as now fully relocated to our Cheshire Oaks premises. All contact details, company reg number, VAT number & bank number remain unchanged.

Reasons to Upgrade your Kitchen

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Reasons to upgrade your kitchen at Mayfair Kitchen Studio

  • We are professional kitchen fitters
  • We have fitted National Design Award-winning kitchens
  • We have way over 30 years of experience

Mayfair Kitchens are bespoke Kitchen Designers and Installers. We specialise in these fields and produce some of the best work the UK has ever seen. With being an award-winning company for our luxury kitchens we are proud to tell you that you can still get them at an excellent price. Being based in the Cheshire area allows us to get a real incentive for what the taste is round here. Everyone wants value for money at the end of the day. Where best to get it other than Mayfair Kitchens.

Cheshire has a lot to offer, there are so many different kitchens designs these days it is hard to keep up. That is why you should speak to our designer to come up with your very own custom kitchen. All of the specs will be designed around you and what you want your designs to look like.

Your kitchen is one of the most important rooms of your home. Your guests wait in there with you whilst you make them drinks. They go in there to stand and chat. Your kids need to eat food that has been stored in there. This means making sure that the damp is not getting in what so ever. Your pets will be coming in so you have to think about that. All of these little “predicaments” are what brings you and your kitchen together.

Not only all of these but did you know that improvement in your kitchen can make a tremendous increase in your house value. Your potential buyers are not going to buy a rotting kitchen, so you have to think of it in terms of business as well.

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We've been invited to represent the UK's kitchen industry at The Parliamentary Review Annual Gala