Parliamentary Review


We are delighted to have been chosen to represent the Kitchen Industry in the 2020 Parliamentary Review. We have been asked to report on the challenges we have faced, how we responded to them and our hopes for the future. The idea being to share knowledge and best practice in an attempt to raise standards in the Kitchen sector.

The review is independent and we have been given full freedom of expression. Our first draft is below and being reviewed. When complete it will be forwarded to London and presented at a Gala Evening in March 202. Senior Cabinet Members will be present during the evening to discuss our Report.

Our initial draft of our report which has been submitted to the Parliamentary Review for approval follows:

Facts about Mayfair Kitchen Studios

  • Directors John Shaw (Founder) and Peter Shaw.
  • Established 1983
  • Kitchen Studios at:
    • Cheshire Oaks Outlet Village
    • Bebington/Port Sunlight, Wirral
    • Duddon, Cheshire
  • Services: personalised kitchen design and installation including extensions/structural work etc.
  • Design: award winning designer
  • of employees/subcontractors: 27
  • Absolutely no sales or pressure to purchase sets us aside from our competitors
  • KBSA Kitchen Bathroom & Bedroom Specialists Association Reg No. 3/2425/R-FU


Mayfair Kitchen Studio was founded in 1983 by John and Terry Shaw. John had a background in architectural design and Terry was a craftsman. A perfect blend. On commencement the company’s aim was to provide quality kitchens expertly designed and installed. To provide confidence to our clients it was decided to provide a unique guarantee. One sentence said it all: Your kitchen and all items installed, including appliances, will be guaranteed for 5 years. We are still doing this today. The only guarantee in the UK that is 100% unconditional. Not only one but a second guarantee is provided by the KBSA, the national body overseeing quality kitchen outlets. They keep a check on our completed installations and guarantee our clients’ deposit.

At inception in 1983, our first showroom at Bebington/Port Sunlight, our clients were localised. In time we branched out into Cheshire, Lancashire and North Wales. Our coverage today includes England, Scotland and Ireland. Commissions have also been completed in Dubai and France.

Old Mayfair Kitchen Studio van

Surviving Recessions

With experience you can identify the early signs of a coming recession; telephone calls, emails and foot traffic to our showroom reduces. Records have been kept since our opening in 1983 of visitor numbers, monthly purchases etc. Big ticket items like kitchens and cars are the first to go on the back burner. When a recession starts, suggestions to help get through a downturn are:

  1. Show calmness and gentle confidence to clients. Mild humour is recommended. Be a human being, not a salesperson.
  2. After a home survey invite potential clients to showroom to view designs/costs etc. Surprise clients with a second design; the design they expected to see and an alternative. It shows thoroughness and commitment.
  3. Try to become friends with your clients in a genuine way and mean it.
  4. Keep your staff in touch with the situation and provide assurance that we’ll all get through the downturn.
  5. Hold regular cookery demonstrations for potential and previous clients who may bring a friend along. Saturdays, Sundays and early Summer evenings are most suitable and successful.
  6. Speak to your bank manager and discuss your plans. Look into any cost savings that could be identified.
  7. Write to your previous clients to remind them what’s left of their period of guarantee for their kitchen. Ask if they have any issues we could help them with.

Policy for Growth

To provide steady growth we aim to establish the Mayfair name as the place to shop. Our showroom on Junction 10 of M53 Cheshire Oaks Outlet Village is being extended to double the area with a mezzanine floor being inserted. The incorporation of a soft furnishing area for clients to relax and view on-screen information about Mayfair will be an asset.

Continuing the low-key sales approach which has been the basis of our progress. Clients are made aware of this. In 36 years, in excess of three thousand kitchens have been purchased by our clients without any hard-selling.

Excellence in installation is one of our keys for our future prosperity. Recommendations are the bedrock of our company and our senior fitters Steve Vaughan and Edwin Smith have been a big asset with their empathetic approach.

Google reviews are highly important today. Our bank of reviews is amongst the best and all 100% genuine and reviewers can be visited by prospective clients.

Nice people know nice people. Recommendations will build up into a networks for the future. Advertisement will then not be needed and recessions can be overcome.

During installation the client’s involvement is welcome and encouraged. They enjoy this approach and also our thorough clean-up at the end of each day inside and out.

After sales support during the guarantee period is important. We often even help out clients beyond the 5-year guarantee period. It’s the best form of advertisement. People talk.

The Future

Convenience seems to be key to living in the modern age.

Though the smart kind of technology may not yet be on everyone’s radar, it is becoming more prominent in everyday lives and is very much part of the future home. The variety and choice for the consumer increases year on year. The requirement for clarity of operating is paramount, especially when it comes to smart homes.

Before we know it, we will all be opening our front doors by walking towards it, we will be able to dim lights off by asking for the light to be a little warmer. And, right now we are cooking our food by telling our ovens to cook it.


  • A coffee machine that makes your coffee while you are taking your morning shower
  • An extractor fan that detects and adjusts to aromas and vapours when you pop out of the room for a moment
  • A fridge that super cools as you arrive home with fresh grocery shopping
  • An oven that can adjust temperatures and tell you when it is time to remove your roast potatoes
  • A dishwasher that will remotely clean dishes during a busy day

Our future is a technological future. At the rate technology is progressing it would be bizarre to dismiss the impact both physically and mentally it will have on us as human beings.

Our new first floor at our Cheshire Oaks Outlet Village showroom will be dedicated to the future.