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Mayfair Kitchens’ Luxury Specifications Explained

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With over 35 years of experience in bespoke Wirral kitchen and interior design, Mayfair Kitchens’ luxury installations cater to every style and taste. Since 1982, our award-winning team have been here to expertly assist you every step of the way from design and installation to the final delivery of your dream kitchen. Because no two homes are the same, you pick the design and we organise the rest.

So, What Makes Mayfair Kitchens Look Luxurious?

A top of the range kitchen will be very well thought through, include carefully selected finishes and be highly functional for the end user. Bespoke cabinetry, granite worktops, AGA cookers and Quooker taps are all popular choices among our clients. Once installed, the undeniable quality of the finished design speaks for itself.

A luxury kitchen is all about the finer details. So, you may also enjoy including unique features such as a beverage station, removable racks, American style fridge-freezers and bespoke lighting designs too. As we are all spending more time at home, a separate walk-in pantry with washing facilities is also now a very popular choice.

Why Choose A Bespoke Cheshire & Wirral Kitchen Design?

Rather than limit yourself to what is already available off the shelf, the choice of a luxury bespoke kitchen offers you unlimited and unrivalled choices. Our incredibly skilled design team, cabinet makers and joiners will all collaborate with you using the best possible materials and techniques. So, you can pick precisely what finishes, design and final appearance you would like without restriction.

This added layer of flexibility allows you to place your lifestyle choices and aesthetic choices at the front of every decision. The end product will always feel superior in quality, as these items are carefully crafted for existing individual spaces and they are built to last.

What Are The Different Types Of Luxury Kitchens?

The most popular kitchen style requests that we receive are transitional, farmhouse, industrial and contemporary. These styles all have their own unique and distinctive features and benefits.

A transitional style of kitchen is a popular and elegant choice for period properties that have retained many of their original period features but have been thoughtfully updated by the existing owners. This contemporary but classic style blends clean modern finishes with a wink to the past.

Much like any agricultural building, the farmhouse style kitchen is a much more family-friendly, practical and rustic look typical of countryside living. The exposed wood, ceramic tiles and soft colour that are characteristic of this style are frequently accompanied by durable cast iron AGA cookers.

An industrial style kitchen mimics the style of a warehouse or loft. So it will usually feature monochrome, exposed bricks and metal or concrete finishes. This modern style compliments houses that make use of large open plan living spaces and Crittall windows.

Contemporary kitchens are the most minimalist and forward-thinking, so make use of smart high-tech appliances and flat-panel cabinetry. Kitchen islands and under-mount sinks are also common to this style.

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