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Designing a child-friendly kitchen

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At Mayfair Kitchens, we have helped customers with children of all ages across the Wirral and surrounding areas to create their dream kitchen that perfectly suits their needs and lifestyles. It is a very common saying that the kitchen is the heart of the home, and is likely the most frequently used room in the house. After all, your kitchen is where you come together as a family to eat at the end of the day. It is also a room for conversation, entertaining, family parties, as well as other activities like washing the dog, or undertaking children’s homework.

In this digital age in which young children and teens are becoming more focused than ever on screened devices, family time together has never been more important. What you want from your kitchen will depend on your family lifestyle, how many children you have, and your daily routines. When you visit one of our showrooms in Wirral or Chester, it is important that you tell us about your needs as a family, so that we can design a kitchen that will work specially for your routine. We’ll also ask you about your children – how many you have, their interests and needs. This is so we can work to design a kitchen that accommodates everyone who uses it, ensuring that you have a practical and enjoyable living space that is welcoming to every family member.

Whether you have teenagers, toddlers or babies, having children is an important factor to consider when planning a bespoke kitchen. As a first port of call, you should consider ease of cleaning and organisation. When making a kitchen child-friendly, choose surface types that are easy to wipe and clean, without leaving fingerprint marks. Quartz for example is a material that is less porous than granite, and much easier to clean. Also consider durability, and how long you plan to have your kitchen for as your family grows. Your kitchen will need to last into the years to come and adapt to your family’s needs, especially if you plan on having more children into the future. Wooden worktops for example look better with age as they are used. We can help advise on the right materials for your kitchen, so you can get the most out of your budget and design.

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It is always advisable to work with the space you have and to consider practicality. Planning on having an island? We’ll check that you have the room to create one so that you still have plenty of worktop space to cook while the kids are doing their homework. If you have very young children, you’ll also need to consider safety, access to cupboards and their contents, and to ensure that you can cook and prepare food easily without hassle or risk to your little ones. If you have an island for example, consider electrics and where wires will go. You’ll need to make sure these are hidden properly to keep the whole family safe. We can advise you on the best ways to use your space safely.

Ultimately, a good child-friendly kitchen is one that is designed with the whole family in mind. Think of including some miniature furnishings, an island with two tiers and easier access for smaller children, or step stools that can be stored away so that your kids can get involved with the cooking and washing up whenever they want to. It is also worth having a special area in your pantry that is just for your children, that they can easily access safely should they want a healthy snack. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your design – a family blackboard keeps the kids entertained while you’re cooking, wall-mounted utensil and knife holders keep sharp objects out of reach, and an induction hob prevents burned fingers.

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