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Modern Kitchen Designs

We have a wide range of fully bespoke, modern kitchen designs to select from.

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A Bold, Modern design that looks right in just about any setting

Contemporary Kitchens Cheshire

In today’s hi-tech world, contemporary and modern style kitchens are the perfect fit for the twenty-first century family. Open-plan and inviting, modern kitchens combine the finest design features and the latest appliances to create a living space which is stylish, sociable and practical to use. Mayfair Kitchens supply and fit high quality contemporary kitchens in Cheshire and throughout the northwest, so if you are looking for a new kitchen which offers the very best of modern design, look no further.

Modern kitchen design balances practicality with minimalist ideals. Clutter is a thing of the past, whether it’s concealed behind special corner systems or hidden in deep drawers. A mix of sleek materials, from stones and woods to stainless steel, quartz, glass and corian, ensures the look is sharp rather than stark and in-keeping with today’s fashion.

From clean, crisp lines to sleek curves and shiny or matte finishes, there is an architectural quality to modern kitchens. Designed for socialising with friends and relaxing with your family, your bespoke kitchen will have a layout which is created with your lifestyle in mind, and which works practically for you.

Bold, Modern Kitchen Designs In Cheshire

An area set aside for a modern designer sofa or funky chair can emphasize the modern look.

With so much attention given to the visual finish, the functional purpose of a kitchen can often be overlooked. But in fact, the majority of contemporary kitchens utilise materials and hi-tech appliances which ooze practicality and efficiency.

Distinct moods can easily be created by the introduction of individual furniture or distinct accessories to make your kitchen simply stunning. Our designer can bring all of these ideas together to create a modern feel to suit your specific tastes. Please view our gallery for samples or pop into our showroom to talk to our designer.

Based in Cheshire, we work with homeowners looking for contemporary kitchens across Cheshire, so visit us today if you are looking to invest in a contemporary kitchen.

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