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Bespoke closed-plan Kitchen – Wirral

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If you’re planning on remodeling or building a new kitchen in your home in the area of Wirral and you cannot decide if you want a closed-plan option. Here is some more information to help.

A closed plan kitchen is a type of kitchen that’s typically constructed with a four-wall room configuration. Although this type of kitchen has been around for centuries, it still remains popular.

One of the main reasons why closed plan kitchens are so popular is their ability to maintain the aromas and flavors that come from cooking inside the kitchen’s four walls. Unfortunately, if the ventilation isn’t good enough, these kitchens can start feeling stuffy.
Despite the drawbacks, a closed plan kitchen is still more privacy-friendly than an open-plan one. It also offers more storage space with the addition of a wall.

Traditional kitchens are also preferred in older homes that are built with a certain type of architectural style. Usually, the house’s frame has metal beams running underneath it, requiring multiple walls to cover these. With the addition of walls, a closed plan kitchen can easily meet this requirement.

Before you decide to blast away the kitchen’s fourth wall to make way for an open-plan setting, it’s important to ask a professional if this project can be supported by the house’s internal metal structure.

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