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A simple guide to kitchen lighting

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A truly amazing kitchen has an innovative lighting design to show it off in all its beauty. The kitchen is the heart of any home, and our modern lifestyles mean that we use it for a wider range of activities, including entertaining, socialising, relaxing and working. With this in mind, it is all the more important to have the correct lighting installed in your kitchen that can cope with your every demand. At Mayfair Kitchen Studio, we have helped lots of customers in the Wirral and Cheshire areas to create their dream kitchen with a perfect lighting scheme. By positioning lighting correctly, you can enhance certain areas of your kitchen, while compensating for a lack of natural light in others.

To correctly plan kitchen lighting, you need to consider the various areas of your kitchen and the activities that happen within them. For instance, for food preparation areas, you will most likely want to install task lighting beneath cupboards to illuminate worktops. You may also want soft lighting where family members sit in dining areas of your kitchen so that the space feels inviting and encourages relaxation. Our kitchen designers at Mayfair Kitchen Studio will talk you through the different types of kitchen lighting that are available, and will examine the kitchen space in your home to check on the amount of natural light that is present. We will talk you through alternative lighting options that can help to make the space feel as light and airy as possible.

Consider lighting controls

Think about how you’d like your lighting to be controlled. Do you want a simple on/off wall switch? Or would you prefer a dimmer switch to create the ideal ambient glow for entertaining and relaxing? You can also have more advanced lighting systems that enable you to pre-set lighting patterns through your smartphone, tablet or PC, enabling you to adjust lighting colour, intensity and beam size. Whatever works best for you, we can install it in your dream kitchen.

Different types of kitchen lighting

There are different types of kitchen lighting available that can help you to brilliantly illuminate parts of the room. These include:

  • Task lighting (for worktops, cookers and sinks)
  • Under-cupboard lighting (strip lighting)
  • Spot lights (mounted into the ceiling that can be dimmed to create ambiance)
  • LED under-cupboard lights
  • In-cupboard LED lighting
  • Ceiling-mounted lights
  • Shelf lights (for feature lighting)
  • Adjustable table lighting (a centrepiece when dining)
  • Uplighters (to enhance the amount of light in a room)
  • Island lighting (LED strips)
  • Decorative lighting (colour changing lights)

Styles of lighting vary from ultra modern to more traditional themes, depending on the type of look you’d like for your kitchen. Speak to our team today to discuss lighting options available to you.

Consider natural light

While artificial light can help to make a kitchen feel more spacious, natural light should also be considered. Think about skylights, French doors or larger windows to bring extra daylight into your kitchen. If you have a white or light-coloured kitchen, the natural light will be reflected off of surfaces, so the whole room feels more spacious. It is important that any lighting scheme fits in well with the natural light available within a room.

For more information about lighting options in your dream kitchen design, talk to us today at Mayfair Kitchen Studio.

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