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7 Questions you Should Ask Yourself Before Having a Bespoke Kitchen Design

NEWS > 7 Questions you Should Ask Yourself Before Having a Bespoke Kitchen Design

A truly bespoke luxury kitchen should be built entirely around your needs, home and lifestyle. At Mayfair Kitchen Studios, our professional team of planners and fitters have decades of experience in helping and advising customers on how they can design a kitchen they are truly proud of, and which exceeds all of their expectations. With so many options and details to choose from however, it can be useful to do a little planning beforehand, so that you know exactly how you want your kitchen space to be improved and enhanced. Here’s what you should be asking yourself before commencing a kitchen re-design.

How do I use my kitchen?

A great place to start is to think about how you and your family use the kitchen space you currently have. Do you entertain family and friends? Do you need a lot of storage space? Do you like to cook? What appliances do you currently have (and are there any extra ones you’d like to include?). Knowing the answers to these questions will greatly help your kitchen planner to get a feel for how you utilise the space, so that they can tailor your kitchen exactly to your needs.

How much space is there in my home?

You will need to think about the amount of space available in your current kitchen and whether you want to use this existing space, expand this space to create a bigger kitchen, or remove walls/create an open plan living or dining area, etc. If you’re unsure at this stage, that’s no problem – our team of fitters at Mayfair Kitchen Studios can advise on what is possible and talk you through your options.

What is my cooking style?

The obvious and main purpose of any kitchen is to cook and enjoy delicious food. Consider whether you are a keen cook. Do you require smart appliances, extra counter space, an island, or a larder for extensive amounts of ingredients? Or are you someone looking for appliances that will help you to prepare a quick and easy meal without too much hassle? Do you require an extra large fridge for your large or growing family? Or perhaps a breakfast bar to eat a quick bite before heading to work?

What products and food do you store in your kitchen?

Consider whether you need lots of storage options because of how you buy and store food. Do you shop for groceries in bulk every month? Or do you shop every week? Do you require extra storage under worktops for tins and boxed foods such as cereals, an integrated spice rack, larder or large freezer? Do you need storage facilities for wine and drinks? Think about your lifestyle and the different cuisines you like to eat. The last thing you want is to end up with a lack of storage for your everyday essentials.

Which types of appliance do I require?

Think carefully about where you’d like your appliances to be positioned when designing your new kitchen – especially larger ones. Do you require a gas, induction or electric hob? Where do you want your fridge positioned? How big do you need your fridge to be? Would you like a range cooker? Think about space around the appliances too – is it easy to move from one to another, i.e. from the fridge to your workspace? Your kitchen planner can help with this if you are unsure of where to position your appliances.

What style do I want my new bespoke kitchen to take?

Everyone has different tastes, so think about what style you’d like your new kitchen to be in. Do you want a traditional-style kitchen (this looks great in a country-feel home), or something futuristic? If you have a Georgian or Victorian-style home, have you considered a classic shaker kitchen? Is your preference more contemporary or minimalist? Perhaps you’d benefit from a high-tech kitchen with clean lines and handle-less doors? Do you like bold patterns or bold colours? You can always mix and match aspects of different kitchens depending on your personality and style preferences, which is something your kitchen planner can assist with. Consider the colours you’d like for your cupboards, materials for your worktops, and the type of flooring you’re going to have. When it comes to designing a kitchen, there are endless options to choose from – from finishes to handle types, wood types, worktop materials and tiles. If you’re after something particularly unconventional, speak to your fitter about making it from scratch to give your kitchen a more unique twist.

What types of lighting do I want for my new bespoke kitchen?

People often forget about lighting when thinking about their kitchen design. Lighting is a very important aspect – from artificial lights, to natural daylight. In terms of natural light, think about where your windows are positioned in your home, and how the light changes in your kitchen throughout the day. Natural light will affect the best place to position larger and taller items and cabinets. You should also think about artificial lighting and whether you’d like LED light strips, spot lighting in the ceiling, pendants above a kitchen island or breakfast bar, or a feature light that becomes a focal point. The less natural light you have in your kitchen, the more you may need to rely on artificial lighting during the day.

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