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5 Must-Follow Kitchen Design Tips from the Pros

NEWS > 5 Must-Follow Kitchen Design Tips from the Pros

Professional luxury kitchen fitters and designers like those in our team here at Mayfair Kitchen Studios in Wirral have spent years learning how to master the art of bespoke kitchen design, so you can rely on us to create the kitchen you’ve always dreamed of. Whether you have just moved in to a new property and need to put your stamp on the kitchen, or have lived in your home for a while and just feel your kitchen needs a makeover courtesy of our Wirral or Cheshire kitchen teams, the planning of where to position things takes serious and careful consideration.

It may seem trivial, but the little things like the sizing of cabinets and drawers, positioning and proximity of drawers to the oven, dishwasher or bin all need thought, as they determine overall ease of access when your kitchen is in use. Think about which cupboards you’ll use the most, what you’ll store in them, the location of your fridge, dishwasher and so on. Overall, a kitchen should be user-friendly and efficient. It should also make the act of preparing food easier, and everything should flow.

Here are the top tips that we professional kitchen designers swear by when designing a new kitchen.

Position drawers either side of your range cooker

No-one wants to be on their hands and knees on the other side of the kitchen trying to source an appropriate pan to put on their new range cooker. We always recommend large and spacious drawers either side of a range where pots and pans can be stored for easy access when needed.

Plan where you will place larger items and appliances

Many people want to place larger items like their food mixer or granite pestle and mortar on their island or worktop, but would the kitchen look more spacious if you put these appliances away? Also, what if you suddenly need more space when preparing a meal and need to put these items away? A kitchen should always be designed to cater for and store your smallest and largest appliances, so that everything can be neatly stored away if need be. When you’re creating a bespoke kitchen from scratch with us at Mayfair Kitchen Studios, our designers in our Cheshire and Wirral kitchen showrooms will ask you about the appliances you use, the largest appliances you have, and their storage requirements.

Position more narrow storage solutions on higher levels.

While your largest storage solutions are likely to be lower down for easy access, narrower cupboards are more beneficial being placed up high, especially around and above a range cooker where they can frame one of the main focal points in the kitchen. Narrow storage cupboards are usually home to things you don’t use that often – like baking equipment, baking sheets and serving dishes.

Place an integrated bin and cutlery drawers close to your sink

If you’re keen on having a integrated/roll-out bin device installed in your kitchen, this will be best placed close to your sink. When you’re scraping food off plates before placing them in the dishwasher, you don’t want to have to keep moving a few paces to your bin! Also consider having your cutlery/knife drawer close to your sink, so that when you are washing up and have to put knifes away, you are not wandering from one side of the kitchen to another – this could potentially be a safety hazard! As a rule of thumb, you need to minimise travel times from one part of the kitchen to another for convenience.

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