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3 Great Layouts for Kitchens in Cheshire

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Welcome to our guide to some of the best layouts for kitchens in Cheshire. Kitchens come in so many different styles, but In addition to a kitchen’s overall look and feel, there is also the layout to consider.

In this article, we are not going to include every possible kitchen layout. Instead, we are going to focus on three very popular layouts. Of course, which best suits you depends very much on the available space. 

One-wall Kitchens

One-wall kitchens make efficient use of space whilst retaining functionality, so they are often found in smaller kitchens. They will either have one row of cabinets with shelving above or both upper and lower cabinets. 

You can’t have a normal work triangle in this kitchen layout style. However, you can compensate for this somewhat by how you arrange it. 

Ideally, have your fridge at one end, the sink at the other, and the oven and hob in the middle. If you do not have cabinets up to the ceiling, you can use the space above your cabinets by putting items that you don’t often use up there.

Island Kitchens

Island kitchens are great because they provide a multi-purpose surface in the middle of the kitchen. This can be used for food preparation as well as a dining table. It’s an ideal way to combine a kitchen and dining room into one space. Rather than having two smaller rooms, you can have one larger room that serves both functions. 

Islands can be installed as part of various kitchen layouts, whether U-shaped, L-shaped, or even one-wall kitchens. You can put an island there if you have the spare space alongside the rest of the kitchen. 

Peninsula Kitchens

These are similar to L-shaped kitchens with an island but with a peninsula attached to one of the walls instead. It gives you the benefit of an island in a smaller space where a separate island won’t fit and can be used as a dining table for eating freshly prepared food. And yet, the same area can also be used as part of the food preparation process, making maximum use of the available space. 

Peninsular kitchens are good if you like to have interaction during the preparation of the meal. The peninsula can be installed where a wall to a neighbouring room used to be, creating a sense of more space without losing the use of the other room. 

So, there you go, there are three popular layouts for kitchens in Cheshire. But, of course, which type you choose depends very much on the available space. 

If you have limited space, a one-wall kitchen might be the best option, whereas if you have a larger kitchen area, you might fit an island. And if the size is somewhere between the two, you might go for a peninsula kitchen.

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