Your Cheshire Kitchens Appliances Guide

Because the kitchen is the beating heart of any household, our Cheshire kitchens exclusively feature bespoke interior design with top of the range appliances. When selecting the contents of your new kitchen, you will need to consider your fridge, dishwasher, oven, microwave, washing machine and tap all at once.

Deciding which appliance is best for you in the long term isn’t always that straightforward. It is all too easy to miss out on a potentially better option purely because you didn’t think about it at the time. So, here we will look at the classic dilemmas when it comes to choosing between appliances and what the relative benefits are for you.

Integrated, Freestanding or American-style Fridge-Freezers?

The integrated fridge-freezer is the most straightforward and seamless choice of an appliance to fit into your kitchen. These items will typically come in a standard size which is suitable for a family of four. They are also typically the most budget-friendly.

If you are a keen cook, or simply like to buy larger quantities of food, however, a freestanding fridge-freezer has a wider standard width and can be placed anywhere in your kitchen. They will normally cost slightly more than an integrated model, as they will be finished in order to be standalone.

An American-style fridge-freezer is even wider than a freestanding fridge and it is also the most pricey. But, these fridges also come with very appealing additional features such as separate cooling zones, frost-free freezers, water filters and ice-cube dispensers.

Single Ovens vs AGA Cookers

The iconic cast iron AGA cooker is perfectly designed to complement a traditional kitchen style. These premium British enamel coated ovens are a stunning focal point for any home. They now offer thermostatic control and deliver outstanding food results through their use of radiant heat. However, in their classic form, they do take up much more space than a standard oven.

Single ovens are more commonly used for pastry and baking because they offer precise flexible temperature control. But, if you are not cooking for a substantial volume of people at once, this may be a more practical long term choice as it takes up approximately a third of the space. You can place these ovens on a higher shelf and stack them too. So, you can have more than one on the go at once and you don’t have to bend down to check on the progress of your cooking.

Washing Machines vs Washer Dryers

A standalone washing machine with a separate tumble dryer will enable you to process multiple loads of laundry at once. It is therefore ideal for bigger families or those who get through laundry quickly. A washer-dryer will take double the time to process both cycles and generally will not dry your items quite as well. However, it will also take up half of the internal space.

Kitchen appliances historically have always depreciated in value substantially following their first use. So whatever option you ultimately decide upon, make sure that it is the right choice for you and your family in the longer term.

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