Luxury Chester Kitchen Worktops: Your Questions Answered

Bespoke, contemporary, traditional and shaker kitchen cabinets all use completely different colour palettes and textures. This means that the material that you choose for your Chester kitchen worktops can easily make or break the entire design. To select the right material for your Chester kitchen, consider what you will be using the surface for, the maintenance requirements and also your budget.

At Mayfair Kitchens, we provide our clients with access to our professional design team, bespoke cabinet makers and in-person showroom. But, before you start the design process with us, it helps if you are fully in the know about the different worktops available to you. So, here are some of your most frequently asked kitchen worktop questions answered.

What Is The Hardest Wearing Chester Kitchen Worktop?

Granite is composed of naturally durable mined elements that have built up over the course of thousands if not millions of years. So, it is the perfect choice for serious home cooks and chefs. Particularly those who don’t wish to spend a lot of time maintaining, protecting and cleaning their worktops. You can just wipe granite and go.

Are Wood Worktops Hygienic?

Unvarnished wood surfaces are naturally porous. So, if you spill a liquid onto wood, there is a good chance that it will leave a mark. You can sand, spray and wipe these worktops clean, but some of the spilt products may remain behind in tiny quantities. Having said that, wood does have naturally antibacterial properties, so spills are unlikely to cause hygiene issues.

What Is The Best Worktop Surface?

This all depends on what budget you are working towards. Starting from the lowest price point, laminate and composite kitchen worktops are generally the most affordable. Laminates and composites are often effectively designed to mimic other worktop styles too. These worktops have come a long way in recent years.

Solid wood creates a naturally warm and homely finish at a mid to upper-range price point. You will need to protect your wood from coming into contact with sharp and hot surfaces with trivets and cutting boards. Solid oak is a fantastic traditional option for Shaker style kitchens, whereas bamboo is a great choice for a modern feel.

Quartz worktops give a wonderful and unique look to any kitchen. Quartz has a wide natural variety of textures and colours and is very durable, so this style of worktop will last you a lifetime. However, this naturally occurring mineral is not as heat resistant as granite, so you will need to use trivets. The size of the slab of the quartz worktop piece is generally proportionate to the cost.

Granite worktops are hard wearing, low maintenance, heat resistant and high quality. So naturally, these worktops are an enduringly popular choice. They can come in a variety of colours and each item is completely unique to you. Because these worktops are quarried and shipped from around the world, they are often the most expensive option available.

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