House Prices in Cheshire

Are you looking to move to Cheshire? Are you Upsizing to a family home for your growing family or are you downsizing your family home to something a little less sizeable, we have some very interesting facts and figures on each type of property and about the average house prices for them in Cheshire, as well as how they compare to the surrounding areas.

In 2016 there was a total of 16,813 property sales, the majority of property sales throughout Cheshire, was the sale of semi-detached properties. The average price of these properties is £191,333. The popularity of these properties is partially due to the increases in stamp duty causing first time buyers and second time buyers to compete over these already very popular properties, as they are concerned about having to buy another property, due to the excessive stamp duty payments on every move they make. This has resulted in people only moving house every 22 years rather than the original 8 years back in 1980.

Further to this the average detached property sold for £351,778 last year in Cheshire and terraced properties sold for an average of £153,526. The cheapest area within Cheshire to buy a property was Halton with an average house price of just over £125,000 and the most expensive area to buy a property in, was St. Andrew’s, with the average value of a property being over £1.5 million.

The average house price of properties in Cheshire was £227,945. This was more expensive than the surrounding areas of Merseyside, Greater Manchester and Lancashire.

Overall the property prices in Cheshire went up by 3% last year and are up a further 8% on 2014 in which £211,417 was the average property price.

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